What is a translation agency?

What is a translation agency?

Surely many of you may have heard of translation agencies or translation companies. But do you really know what a translation agency is? What kind of work does it carry out?

You really cannot talk about a single function, since a good translation agency has to deal with several areas: translation itself, editing and review, and DTP. There are many services that an agency has to offer in order to be considered as such.

In addition, depending on the sectors in which the translation is required and the type of document that needs to be translated, requirements will vary. A translation of a text is not the same thing as a manual or a catalog. Nor the translation of a legal document or an advertisement in the press.

For all this, a good translation agency must consider the whole context of the work that must be undertaken, to be able to deliver it with optimum quality.

Do not hesitate and look for only those companies that give you a full guarantee. Trust only the best.