Our outstanding team and many years of continuous work attests to our expertise in translation services and allows us to adapt to the pace and the needs of our clients.

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In addition to a great team, we also use the most modern translation technologies, which enable us to work more efficiently, resulting in faster and more client-friendly deliveries.

All documents are subjected to strict quality controls, which guarantee maximum efficiency in the process and allow us to deliver a high-quality end piece of work.

At Quills Language Services, we have specialized teams in different areas of translation:

Documents – web and e-commerce – IT and hardware – technical – advertising and marketing – legal and financial – medical – scientific

Document translation

document translation quills languageOur team is fully qualified to work in the translation of any type of document: books, catalogs, brochures, leaflets, manuals, technical data sheets, contracts, patents, articles, presentations, as well as any other written documentation.

We guarantee an excellent end job thanks to the complete process we follow internally: translation, proofreading and reading.

Once the translator has made the first step, the reviewer carries out the second: textual review to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes, formatting problems or inconsistencies of any kind. We also verify that the translator has reproduced the exact semantic meaning of the original document.

Finally, the proofreader oversees the final review and reads the text to make sure it sounds natural and does not contain typographical or any other type of errors.

Web translation and e-commerce

quills language translation ecommerceToday, web translation is considered one of the most profitable ways to reach the desired foreign audiences, as communicating with a client or potential client in their native language is the best way to offer them exactly what they need.

Web translation demands a high command of the language spoken by the target audience, as well as a deep understanding of its culture.

At Quills Language Services, we offer a comprehensive service performed by highly qualified professionals who will, through the adaptation of textual and graphic content to local cultural values, ensure that the website or the translated e-commerce page reaches the heart of the target audience just like the original.

Technical Translation

technical translation quills languageTo translate technical documents, it is essential that all terminology is translated correctly. Our team has thorough technical training and is highly qualified to undertake any type of project.

The technical field is very different from other fields of knowledge due to the conceptual precision required. Although in this type of documents the grammatical structure of the sentences is simple and clear, the difficulty lies in the understanding of the specific field of work. An inappropriate translation may weaken the corporate image of the company in question.

Therefore, at Quills Language Services, we are specialists in the different areas of the technical field and we work with great precision, accuracy and consistency.

Advertising and marketing translation

advertising and marketing translation quills languageWe offer our clients advertising and marketing translation services involving a more creative process than a literal translation. This requires not only the knowledge of the source language, but also cultural differences in the preferences of the audience.

For this, our team investigates every aspect of marketing vocabulary, as well as its meaning in the local practices related to the business.

At Quills Language Services, we work hard to ensure that all documents in this field are translated according to our clients´ needs, regardless of format: from a label to a television campaign.

Legal Translation

legal translation quills languageLegal translation is always very complex due to the specific scope in which it is located, therefore only specialized and carefully chosen experts are in charge of this type of projects.

To guarantee translations of a high level of quality, our team undergoes ongoing training and consults recognized dictionaries in the legal field and other sources of specific references in this field. Only in this way can you specialize and create precise translations of legal documents: this is of vital importance, since a poorly translated legal text can generate legal action and potential financial losses.

Whatever your translation needs – contracts, marriage and birth certificates, affidavits, court proceedings, etc., we will offer you the best solution at Quills Language Services.

Medical Translation

medical translation quills languageMedicine is a highly specialized and constantly evolving field, which is why we only rely on professionals who have years of experience translating medical documentation and vast knowledge about the healthcare industry.

Our team of professionals uses commonly accepted medical expressions and fully updated medical terminology. They are highly qualified in their respective native languages and in the specific field of medicine: cardiology, dentistry, pediatrics, dermatology, pharmacology, etc.

At Quills Language Services, we work with hospitals, clinics, medical centers, doctors, pharmaceutical firms, dentists and researchers, amongst others.

Financial Translation

financial translation quills languageAt Quills Language Services, we can help you with any type of translation you need, since we specialize in translating financial documents for banks, law firms, insurance companies and other financial institutions around the world. Do not hesitate to contact us for any requirement: whatever the sector, the most capable and expert financial translators will address your work. In addition, they will handle any type of document, such as human resources reports, audits, balance sheets, annual reports, statement of accounts, purchase orders, and many more.


Scientific Translation

scientific translation quills languageAs in the field of medicine, the scientific field is very specific and extremely precise. That is why only the best experts can do correct translations.

Our team of professionals, in addition to having many years of experience in the field of scientific translation, is constantly in training in order to be always up-to-date with all the innovations in the sector.

In Quills Language Services, we work in many fields: research, biology, ecology, psychology, etc. We also translate a wide range of documents, such as reports, patents, manuals, regulations, product data sheets, etc.


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