Editing and review

editing and review quills language servicesEditing and reviewing a text after it has been translated is an essential step in achieving the optimum quality in any job.


A good editor will thoroughly review each term in the text to ensure that there is no error or inconsistency, as well as to improve the text as much as possible. In addition, the work must be checked to ensure that it is well organized and can be understood and read without any problems.

Review entails other types of corrections such as printing, punctuation or grammatical errors; inappropriate page breaks; missing or misplaced accents; verification of the specialized terms used, and sentence structure.

In short, review and check as many times as necessary the entire work to ensure that it is delivered to the client with the highest possible level of quality.

At Quills Language Services, we only work with professionals who guarantee us a review of all the work´s features and that allow us to obtain translations of impeccable quality.