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Whatever the needs of our clients, in Quills Language Services we are fully qualified to carry them out and achieve an optimal end result. Do not hesitate and ask us for a quote.

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More than 30 language combinations

And all that you ask. Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Galician, Catalan, Basque, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Swedish … are just some of the languages we work with.

Specialized in different sectors

From the legal to the production, to the medical or the economic. Working with a large team of translators allows us to specialize in a wide variety of fields.

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What is Quills Language Services?

Quills Language Services is a professional translation agency. We have provided high quality translation services for 13 years.

What services do you offer?

Quills Language Services offers a comprehensive translation service, focusing on all phases of a project: the translation itself, editing and review, and not forgetting localization and layout or Desktop Publishing.

What languages do you work with?

We work with more than 30 language combinations on a daily basis, although we can adapt to any language requested by our clients. Amongst others, we work regularly with: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Galician, Catalan, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Polish, Basque, Turkish, and a long etcetera.

Why hire the services of a professional translation agency?

The translation of a document entails considerably more tasks than simply transcribing words. Both languages and their characteristics and expressions need to be mastered, as well the idiosyncrasy of the target country and readership, in order to adapt the text to it.

A professional translation can only be achieved by working with the most experienced professionals who have extensive experience in the sector. That’s what we do at Quills Language Services.

What can I translate with Quills Language Services?

Whatever the document our clients need to translate, Quills Language Services is ready to tackle the job and guarantee a final document of unsurpassed quality. A brochure, catalog, website, advertisement, legal text, certificate or manual. And any field, as we have experience in many sectors: medical, legal, financial, advertising, technical, manufacturing, etc.

How do I request a quote?

On our website, you will find a simple contact form which can be used to request a quote. Just provide us with your details, tell us what sector the file belongs to, the language combination, the date you want it returned and upload the file. Our customer service team will send you the quotation as soon as possible.
If you prefer, you can also send that information to so that we can prepare your quote.

How do I request a translation?

Once you have requested a quote, we will contact you as soon as possible to offer you our best price. We just require your confirmation so we can start work on the translation.

Should a document for translation have a minimum word count?

At Quills Language Services, we do not believe in minimum orders, so you can send us any document for translation.

Is confidentiality guaranteed for each job?

At Quills Language Services, we guarantee absolute confidentiality regarding all projects, as well as all requests for quotations we receive.

Are the document formats respected when translating?

At Quills Language Services, we use the most advanced technologies in Desktop Publishing, enabling us to fully respect the entire design of the document to be translated. Format, images, texts, sizes, colors… The final document will be identical to the original.

What is the process involved in translating a document?

When we receive a project for translating, we first analyze it in detail to ascertain the scope of the task. It is on that basis we choose the best translator for that particular job, according to his or her experience. When the job is finished, our team of editors reviews and edits the whole document if necessary in order to ensure that there are no errors of any kind (grammatical, concordance, inconsistencies, etc.).
Once the process is completed and we are completely sure that the work meets our quality standards, we deliver it to the client.

How can you ensure optimum quality in each project?

The optimal quality in each translation job can only be guaranteed if it is developed by a team of highly qualified professionals who have years of experience. That is our job at Quills Language Services.

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