Location of products or services

In order to locate a product or service, modifications and adaptations that are necessary in the original must be made in order that the same product can be commercialized in the target market.


Localization is a more complex process than translation; the latter forms part of the former. In order to do a good job, all the cultural aspects of the country of destination must be taken into account, as well as functional and technical aspects.

At Quills Language Services, we specialize in two types:

  • Web localization
  • Software localization
Location of products or services
Location of products or services

Software localization

Thanks to this type of work, we adapt software at all levels to suit the cultural and linguistic standards of an area and a specific audience. This process is to ensure that the software is as familiar as possible for the target audience through the use of specific local vocabulary.

At Quills Language Services, we specialize in software localization. We work with a large team of professionals who have years of experience and specific technical knowledge, able to adapt any product to integrate it into the market to which it is directed.

Web Localization

Web localization has become a basic necessity for multinational companies, since it is their introduction letter to the public. A localized website improves the competitiveness of the company in the international arena and the interaction with its clients, as they adapt to cultural and linguistic differences. This allows access to new foreign markets, increased sales and communication with new consumer groups.


It is a process by which the format and content of a web is adapted linguistically and culturally to a specific audience. It requires complete accuracy in order to adapt content to the standards and expectations of the target audience.


At Quills Language Services, we have experts in the field of web localization, both in terms of format and technical requirements.


We adapt to all the languages that you need and we provide the combinations that you require.


Our outstanding team and many years of continuous work attests to our expertise in translation services and allows us to adapt to the pace and the needs of our clients.


Desktop Publishing is the process of using graphic processing computer systems to compose texts designed with images that will be published in print media such as magazines, newsletters or brochures.


Editing and reviewing a text after it has been translated is an essential step in achieving the optimum quality in any job.

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