These are the most common mistakes in web translation

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These are the most common mistakes in web translation

The best cover letter a business can have today is its website. The Internet makes it easy for a company to be visible to everyone in order to try to increase business opportunities. However, not everything is valid in the online world and the website must be carefully constructed at the aesthetic as well as structural and idiomatic level.

If the website is available in several languages, the effort to have a clear, well organized and readable website must be duplicated in each one, starting with the generation of a correct translation.

When surfing the Web, you can see many websites whose content has not been well translated, something which we consider a huge mistake, since communication with foreign audiences is not effective in such cases.

That is why today we want to tell you about the most common mistakes in web translations:

  1. Do not take into account the length of text in different languages.

Obviously, depending on the language in question, the text will not always occupy the same space and it is something that must be kept in mind when implementing it on the website. It is not just a question of inserting the text: you have to review the design to adapt it and generate a navigable and usable web.

  1. Not adapting it to the SEO of each language.

If we set up a version for each language depending on the countries where we want to promote our brand, but without modifying it at the SEO level, then what use is it? All words and phrases that have been used to generate organic positioning must also be translated into the relevant language.

  1. Leaving parts of the web untranslated.

Such as, for example, the blog or the news section. If you make the effort to translate the website, you have to do it well and in its entirety without exceptions. The same is true for new content being published.

  1. Not hiring professional translators.

This is, without a doubt, the most serious mistake a company can make. Only the most highly-trained translators can guarantee an excellent job that is adapted to the relevant language. They will also ensure that the errors that we have mentioned are avoided. At Quills Language Services, we are aware of the importance of correct website translation, so we only work with highly qualified professionals to ensure that the website is correctly adapted to the language and target audience.