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We adapt to all the languages that you need and we provide the combinations that you require.


Our outstanding team and many years of continuous work attests to our expertise in translation services and allows us to adapt to the pace and the needs of our clients.


In order to locate a product or service, modifications and adaptations that are necessary in the original must be made in order that the same product can be commercialized in the target market.

Editing and review

Editing and reviewing a text after it has been translated is an essential step in achieving the optimum quality in any job.

Desktop Publishing or Design

Desktop Publishing is the process of using graphic processing computer systems to compose texts designed with images that will be published in print media such as magazines, newsletters or brochures.


Quills Language Services

We only work with the most qualified professionals in the technical field.

Advertising & marketing + website

The translators we work with specialize in the specific translation of marketing and advertising texts, as well as web texts.


We offer legal translation services provided by the most qualified professionals with great experience in this field.


We offer translation services for hospitals, clinics, institutions, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, dentists and researchers, amongst others.


Because of our specialization in financial translation, our clients rely on us to help them deal with their foreign clients regarding economic issues.


Whatever your translation needs, at Quills Language Services we can help you.

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Translating and interpreting since 2004 for the whole world
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Our Team

Nazareno Luque
Nazareno Luque
A born computer specialist, his field of expertise is Management and Logistics. He has a solid background in the business world and is the one in charge of managing the company.
Carolina Otero Rouco
Carolina Otero Rouco
Senior Translation Project Manager
After graduating as an English-Spanish Translator, Teacher and Researcher by the University of Córdoba, Carolina decided to make a carreer in the translation industry. Working both in the USA and in Spain, as in-house and freelance, she has now more than 15 years of experience in positions such as translator, reviewer and senior project manager. She is one of the greatest assets of the company.
Eva Fernández Fernández
Eva Fernández Fernández
Account manager
Degree in Economics (University of Vigo). Her field of expertise is Business Administration, Accounting and Tax Law.
Antía López Cando
Antía López Cando
Antía was graduated in Translation and Interpreting in the University of Vigo in 2012. Afterwards, she studied a Master’s Degree in Multimedia Translation. She is a Sworn Interpreter and Translator certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. She holds the Editor/Reviewer post, checking the translations and making sure that everything is correct.
Noelia Surribas Díaz
Noelia Surribas Díaz
Noelia is a native speaker of Spanish and a sworn translator of English and Galician. She obtained her degree in Translation and Interpreting in 2010. Since then, she has worked in technical, medical and economic translation, as well as software and website localization.
Lucía Estévez
Lucía Estévez
Project manager
Degree in Translation and Interpreting, Major in Spanish, Galician, English and Portuguese (University of Vigo) After working for three years as technical translator and sworn ENGA translator and interpreter, she is the current Project Manager.
Andrea Viñas García
Andrea Viñas García
Translation and Interpreting Graduate (English-Spanish) by the University of Vigo. Has a Master’s Degree on Multimedia Translation by the same university Has experience as a freelance translator.
Maria Elena Evangelisti
Maria Elena Evangelisti
Customer support
Her training and experience make her the ideal person to interact with our clients, who are well taken care of.
Beatriz Lorenzo
Beatriz Lorenzo
Degree in Advertising and Public Relations (University of Vigo). She has been several years working in the Advertising and Marketing industry.


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