Tips for choosing a good translation agency

Regardless of the source and target languages, there are certain aspects that must be taken into account when choosing a translation agency. Would you like a translation from English to Spanish? Or perhaps from English to German? You always have to consider aspects such as:

Forms of contact

If you search on the Internet, always look at the forms of contact offered. Always look for a landline or mobile phone and an email address.

Personalized attention

Go with whoever communicates with their clients in a clear and personalized way, and who understands your requirements and knows how to fulfil them.

Specialist translators

It is extremely important that translators are specialists in the specific field of the job to be translated: only this way can excellent results be guaranteed.


Always look at the services they offer. Translation alone is not enough, and other services such as localization, review and editing are essential parts of the translation process that should also be taken into account when choosing a translation company.

At Quills Language Services, we have been working with the best professionals from different sectors for more than 13 years, for a large client base that places its trust in us. If you are looking for a competent translation agency, you have come to the right place 🙂